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Local Black Lives Matter Organizers form New Coalition for Advocacy

Rye Coalition for Change

The two organizers of the Rye Black Lives Matter March and the Rye organizer of a petition to promote racial awareness at Rye High School have created an advocacy group called Rye Coalition for Change.

The three have also confirmed they have been invited to be part of the race and inclusivity task force being assembled by the Rye schools. Rye Black Lives Matter march organizers Cristiana Villani (RHS’15) and Amanda Yannett (RHS ’15) and petitioner Zachary Gaouad (RHS ’19) will run their coalition in addition to the work on the school task force.

“We have decided to push our agenda through by creating our own group, Rye Coalition for Change, which is working to implement change in the city’s school district, police department, local government and community,” Rye Coalition for Change Co-Founder Cristiana Villani told MyRye.com Tuesday. “We have already recruited some people and are hoping to host a zoom meeting with everyone by next week to get the ball rolling and organize people into different subcommittees based on their expertise and experiences.”

The group is inviting those interested to contact them at RyeCoalitionforChange@gmail.com.


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