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Boys Varsity Football Reigns Over Harrison 21-13

Rye Boys Varsity Football April 17, 2021 vs. Harrison - 1

Rye Boys Varsity Football reigned over Harrison 21-13 at Nugent Stadium Saturday. The win records a Garnet polishing of its neighbor and rival the Huskies in 20 of the last 21 match-ups.

“It was two fine teams playing hard, a rivalry,” Boys Varsity Football Head Coach Dino Garr told MyRye.com. “We made some big stops… it (was) real close in the first half. We got ahead 14-0. The second half was what we thought. Both teams playing their hearts out. Our line every week has done a great job picking up all the different stunts the teams are doing. I’m sure everyone thinks Caden is carrying the ball all the time but when we have a thoroughbred we are going to race him.”

The team plays the winner of Spring Valley or Nyack next Sunday for the conference. The OG should have put some money down in Vegas as he was just a single Huskie touchdown off his game prediction of 21-7.

Garnet football was cheered on its way to victory by Rye Girls Varsity Cheerleading. “After a gloomy Pep Rally Friday night, the Rye Cheerleaders performed their best routine of the entire season!,” said Varsity Cheerleading Coach Melissa Marsden. “Every stunt and tumbling pass hit with perfection. They cheered the boys to another win against Harrison and celebrated by jumping in the brook. We look forward to performing one more time at next weekend’s game.”

Rye Girls Varsity Cheer 04-17-2021 vs. Harrison The Game - 1


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