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Destroyed: Ben Franklin’s Historic Mile Marker 25 in Rye City

UPDATE: we have been told part of the mile marker was removed for restoration. We will share further information one we have it.

It looks like a piece of American history is gone forever.

In 1763 founding father Ben Franklin installed mile markers along the Boston Post Road between New York and Boston. We are fortunate enough to have mile markers 24, 25 and 26 in Rye City. Until now.

Mile marker 25, on the Boston Post Road around Parkway street has been defaced.

Mile marker 25 2008-2014 combo 2

(PHOTO: Before and after the destruction of American history. Click photo to enlarge.)

In a file photo from 2008 you can see the writing "25 Miles from N__" and in the recent photo no writing is visible at all.

There has been some talk in the past of the need to protect the various mile markers. If anyone knows what happened to this mile marker, please let us know.


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