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Police Blotter: Principal Not a Softee; Not So Carefree & More

Rye PD - Transport Rock June 13, 2021
Not So Carefree – Rye PD helped these boaters on June 13, 2021

The police blotter is a highlight of recent activity from the City of Rye Police Department.

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Wanted: Ricky The Racoon. May 27. Brevoort Lane. Animal Acting Rabid. racoon. goa.

Doggone Loud. June 10. Goldwin Street. caller states dog barking house is on goldwin st with the dog on the back porch facing rye rec center. Observed dog and owner on rear porch overlooking the Rye Rec lot. Owner stated she was waiting for her housekeeper to finish inside before letting the dog back in. Will keep the barking to a minimum in the meantime. 97.

Principal Not a Softee. June 10. Milton School, 12 Hewlett Avenue. Illegally Parked Vehicle. Principle called to report ice cream truck parked in the pick up lane. made contact with mister softee, apologized said it was his first time at the location and agreed to move down further on hewlett towards forest.

In a Row. Milton Harbor. Vessel In Distress. kayak taking on water.

Full Service. June 11. Forest Avenue. Serve Supeona. Attempted to serve. Party not home. Incident Reactivated. Supeona served. Party provided a copy. 98.

Checking Out Unruly Guests. June 12. Marriott Courtyard / 631 Midland Avenue. Disorderly Conduct. Clerk reports an unruly guest. Spoke with desk manager and several guests waiting to check in. Hotel having computer problems, unable to check guests in. Manager agreed to check them in as soon as her computer is back up within the hour.

Problem Taking Root / Squashing a Problem / You Can’t Beet the System (so many options on this one…). June 13. Car Park 2. Illegally Parked Vehicle. VEHICLE PARKED IN SPOT RESERVED FOR FARMERS MARKET, SIGNS POSTED. summon issued.

Not So Carefree. June 13. Playland Pier / Long Island Sound. Vessel In Distress. call from Greenwich 20′ white fishing boat in distress stuck on rocks 1/4 mile out. pb1 has mamaroneck pd assisting. arrival at scene, found vessel bearing Connecticut registration #6341BM aground on top of Transport Rock in area South of Playland Cove. This vessel is
a rental boat from the Carefree Boat Club. Vessel had 5 persons onboard, and one pet dog. All were wearing personal flotation devices. PB1 and Mamaroneck 321 were unable to get close enough to vessel in distress due to proximity of the rocks and outgoing tide. SeaTow #8 arrived on scene and was able to get alongside to transfer all passengers onto its boat. SeaTow #8 then transfered passengers to PB1. The operator of the vessel was transferred to Mamaroneck 321 due to possible medical impairment. SeaTow is not able to remove vessel at this time due to its hard grounding. Vessel owner has been contacted and made arrangements with SeaTow to commence salvage operations at next high tide. PB1 transported all passengers to Rye City Marina without incident. Vessel Operator transported by Mamaroneck 321 for further evaluation.

Chuck-ing Out The Garage. June 16. Central Avenue. Animal Complaints-Other. Woodchuck in the garage. Animal out of garage.


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