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Turkey Bowling Saturday Night – Rye Playland

Before Playland jacks up its Fun Cards to $3 million, head over to the Playland Ice Casino Saturday night for some good old fashioned turkey bowling.

Well, it is not as old fashioned as it used to be. Until last year, when media outlets and hunger groups went bananas (see MyRye.com's story), fun seekers used to be able to win prizes by bowling with an actual frozen turkey. The idea of frozen bits of turkey skin and fresh disintegrating on the ice must have finally gotten to the organizers at Playland because this year they are using a rubber turkey.

It is the end of an era…

For anyone still thinking "where do I sign up" the news announcement follows. Somebody send me some pictures…


Be a Thanksgiving “rock star” at your holiday dinner table this year by winning your turkey at the Playland Ice Casino’s Turkey Bowl, taking place during Family Night on Saturday, November 22, from 7:30 p.m. to 10 p.m., at the Playland Ice Casino in Rye.

Turkey Bowl contestants will be challenged to knock down bowling pins by skillfully sliding a frozen rubber bird down the ice for a strike. Contestants will be selected by free raffle from the skaters in the Family Night session, and winners will take home a free frozen “real” Thanksgiving turkey. Adults and children will compete separately.

There are two price options for the evening: the regular Family Night admission package ($30 for 2 to 4 skaters that includes admission, skate rentals and a large pizza), or standard public session rates ($8 for adults, $6 for children and $4 for skate rentals).

The Playland Ice Casino is an indoor, climate-controlled ice skating facility featuring a main, children's and studio rinks, which can accommodate a total of 1,100 skaters. Services and facilities at the casino include an ice skating school, video game room, snack bar and lounge.

Ice skating lessons are given by professional instructors through Playland’s Ice Skating School. 

The Playland Ice Casino is a facility of Westchester County Parks. It is located in Rye and can be reached via I-95 (the New England Thruway) to Playland Parkway, exit 19. Follow the parkway directly into Playland Park. Parking for the Ice Casino is free. 

For information about lessons, rentals or facilities, call (914) 813-7059. Information about the Playland Ice Casino is also available by logging on to www.RyePlayland.org.


  1. I’m abroad in Europe for the year and every once in awhile I’ll check the ryerecord.com and here to see what is going on in my hometown (I don’t trust my family to tell me everything that is going on in Rye). Love the updates! When I come home next year, I won’t have to catch up on everything. I’m disappointed I will now have to pay admission to get into Playland :-(, but at least I will have known ahead of time! Thanks!


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