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Keep Your Airport Run Green with Rye Green Limo

Are you a frequent flier – always headed to LaGuardia or JFK? Do you have have relatives flying in for the Thanksgiving holidays?

If you want to get to the airport in style with a low carbon footprint all while supporting a local Rye business, now you can. Rye resident Dan Askin has started Rye Green Limo, an affiliate of Green World Transport, a car service that only drives hybrid vehicles.

Green Taxi 

Askin has been a Rye resident for ten years, serves on the board of Edith Read Wildlife Sanctuary and most recently was a stay at home dad for their five year old son. "I got into the business because I was a stay-at-home Dad looking for something that was both flexible and in the green space. I fear climate change and felt that I could have an immediate impact by doubling the fuel efficiency as compared to the other black car airport services. Our Nissan Altima Hybrids get over 35mpg, as opposed to the Lincoln Town Cars that get in the mid-teens," Askin told MyRye.com.

Askin picked up this writer at Newark airport a couple weeks ago in the roomy Nissan with prompt service. Fares are very competitive. For example, one way fares: Rye to LaGuardia $80; Rye to Westchester Airport $32; Rye to JFK $94 and Rye to Newark $128. Tip is additional, taxes and tolls are included. Round trip fares receive a 5% discount and riders receive a free trip after ten paid fares.

Get with it and get green: Rye Green Limo.com.



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