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Love in 60 Seconds Part II…The Real Question

In Part II, MyRye.com's columnist Pamela Baur tells us questions to ask about finding love in 60 seconds. Ready, set, go:

Love in 60 seconds is possible, as covered in Part I post. If you’ve visited Kurt at Morgan’s you got my story, and if you didn’t you’re missing out – Kurt makes a mean cocktail! All three of the Rye sister restaurants of Ruby’s, Morgan’s and the Rye Grille are all places that create the kind of energy where the love in 60 second connection sparks can ignite! I would also say this stretches up to their location in Greenwich too, Elm Street Oyster House.

So, now that we’ve established Love in 60 seconds is possible and we have Brian Howie around the East and West Coasts to lead the talks about how to find love in 60 seconds, we’re covered right? We can all expect to be in love by Thanksgiving!

Gnarly Vine Pic

Not so fast. The question I would pose about finding love is not “is this possible?” I would ask, “are we clear about what we do, or don’t do for that matter, once we find it?” After that “meet-cute”, that meaningful encounter, then what? Do we begin to mishandle it? Take it for granted? Avoid it? Put the breaks on? Take it too seriously? Run away from it? Hold back? These things seem to happen almost just as quickly, a shift that can happen in 60 seconds as well. What has us extinguish the 60 second spark?

Maybe in Brian’s next Love in 60 Seconds seminar he can look at my question here. Are we reckless with the love we find? Do we sabotage ourselves? Create reasons for why something won’t work, “I’m too busy” or “I don’t know what I want” or “I have so many other things going on” all for fear that the love that can be found in 60 seconds could actually be something?

The next Love in 60 Seconds event is Friday, January 15th at Don Coqui 8pm in New Rochelle.  Venture out, see what you find. On your way, I highly recommend a visit to the Gnarley Vine. This is where the real magic happens and I can say I’ve always been happy with who and what shows up there!  

Pamela_2_smallPamela Baur has enjoyed living in Rye since 2007. She is an avid yogi, children’s yoga instructor and works for lululemon athletica.


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