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Rye’s Commissioner Connors on Keeping Your Home Safe

After updating the city council last week on recent burglaries (the spate seems to have ended), MyRye.com asked Rye Police Commissioner William R. Connors what each of us can do to keep our homes safe.

"When residents are out of town, they can request extra patrol of their homes by calling the desk to complete what is referred to as a "Dark House Card."," Connors told MyRye.com.
"In addition, any residents who have not been receiving REVERSE911 calls because their telephone numbers are blocked or otherwise not included in our database can contact Sergeant Nicholas Groglio at (914) 967-1234, ext. 304, to be added to the database."

You may have an issue receiving REVERSE911 calls if you use a VOIP phone service like Vonage or depend on your cellular phone.


  1. WHAT…No mention of the 15 minute speech Connors gave on Coyotes!

    Our TAX DOLLARS now go towards coyote studies being done by the Commissioner of Police.

    NO WONDER the RPD is all screwed up!

    If any of us are concerned about coyotes we can all do the same thing our over paid Commissioner did…….
    GOOGLE IT!!!


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