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Rye Middle Schoolers: No Soup for You


Rye Middle Schools have been booted from the Righ High breakfast program for a week.

From Dr. Edwards:

"Students who eat breakfast in the H.S. cafeteria have been told repeatedly to clean up after they eat and have been warned that the cafeteria would be closed to them if they do not comply.  On November 5th,  middle school students left food and spilled drinks all over the tables and floor.  Consequently the H.S. cafeteria will be closed to them for breakfast the week of November 8."


  1. Yeah…those RHS kids are slackards. They’ll never get into any good schools. We need to fire Dr. Edwards and (also) good riddance to Dr. Rooney. Now maybe some of those kids can get decent SAT scores and maybe score a few 3’s on their AP exams.

    [please note dripping sarcasm…]

  2. You are right but the kids who don’t score 3’s on the AP exams and score high on the SAT’s are the ones not getting the attention they need. 50% of these kids, and there are a lot of them, failed to meet state guidelines.

    I don’t think this stat will make Newsweek.

  3. Really?!? – What ARE you talking about? “50% of these kids … failed to meet state guidelines”. What guidelines? What group of kids? Last I checked, 98%+ of each HS graduating class graduates with a diploma – that means they’ve met guidelines – almost all of them NYS Regent Guidelines, rest (very few) “local diploma” guidelines.

  4. Let me see if I have this right….

    Dr.Edwards and her staff have to babysit some unruly spoiled brats who obviously were never taught by their PARENTS the common decency of cleaning up after themselves and all of a sudden it’s about SAT scores, AP Exams, Diplomas,etc!!!

    Please explain to me WTH scores and grades have to do with being taught a valuable lesson, or better yet, being taught what you should have already been taught at home!!!

    The real punishment belongs on the PARENTS!!!

  5. I don’t know if Dr. Edwards is petty or not. Times I have dealt with her at school board meetings I have never found her to be petty in the least, however.
    A few thoughts about these comments: I can’t imagine that requiring children to clean up after themselves has a negative effect on test scores. I have no idea where that 50% statistic came from. Maybe the writer needs to explain further.

    I do think that in homes where children have someone clean up after them, employed by their parents to do so, a sense develops that that is the way things are. Dr. Edwards might be attempting to give these children a needed reality check.
    I feel bad, however, that the children who are not self entitled pigs are being punished.
    If the breakfast is supervised, it should not be too difficult to determine who is leaving his mess and who isn’t, rather than an across the board punishment.
    I’d like to read what other commenters think about these thoughts.


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