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County Scrooge: Rye’s 76 Bus Service Nuked

In the dark of night over the holiday week, it appears Westchester County boss Rob Astorino nuked the part of the 76 Bus Route that runs through Rye – from Milton Road and South Regent Street to Kohl's Shopping Center. The cut was threatened earlier in the fall.

Most insidious is the county's seaming disinterest in communicating with local outlets such as MyRye.com and at the very least coming clean and giving some notice related to their budget slashing plans. At least then folks would have time to research alternatives for themselves.

MyRye.com heard from Milton Avenue resident Arthur H. Stampleman who told us "On Wednesday, Dec. 28 Westchester County and Bee Line Bus system issued a notice canceling the 76 bus service to Milton Point in Rye as of Jan 2. Apparently the County Executive is ignoring the legislature's reinstatement of the 76 bus in the 2012 county budget. How horrible as they do not even give people a week's notice.  Tuesday morning when people return to work around here after the holiday weekend they will be standing there waiting for a bus.  How mean! Can they do this? This will be especially hard on senior citizens who cant drive, caregivers who depend on the bus to get to other seniors and other workers who depend on the bus to get to their jobs."

We were surprised that we got in touch with our local Weschester pol Judy Myers and asked for her take.

"Comment? Wow. I am as shocked and dismayed as Arthur is," Myers told MyRye.com. "The county executive had recommended the cancellation of this route in his proposed budget, the public responded with a resounding "no," and I as their representative fought to restore this line to benefit the ridership along Milton Road. When the restoration was vetoed, I fought to convince legislators of the need to override the veto… and we did. The budget act that was approved that reflects the continuation of this line, yet the Administration has placed notices in Rye that reflects the cancellation. Their explanation has been that the line loses money, however my understanding is that the purpose of mass transit as a consolidation is that the more profitable lines offset the lesser utilized lines. I wish I could clarify… but it's very unclear to me!"

So apparently Astorino can completely ignore the legislative process? There must be some secret governing wrinkle us common people do not understand…

Still baffled, we contacted David J. Kucera, president of County Coach Corp and Jak Rabbit Lines, Inc. who told us there is "more to the story" that he'd divulge this week.

What do you think about the cancellation of the 76 service in Rye? How will it impact you or your neighbors? leave a comment below.

  1. Ted C,
    You are seeing a county bus run a alt route of only some 76 bus stops. Bus turns from Milton Rd onto Playland Pkwy to Playland and back to Milton Rd to RR and part of PC. from my understanding.

  2. There are many people who rely on the morning bus for their commute. The parking situation at the Rye train station is terrible (I’ve been on the waiting list for a space for 7 years!). Judy Meyers should be commended for her continued support of this bus line! I was particularly annoyed by the general lack of serious support given to the issue by the Rye council at the last meeting with the exception of Catherine Parker. Joe Sack said he didn’t know enough about the issue or what the priorities were in the budget. Really? How about the priorities for the residents of Rye? Peter Jovanovich launched into a tirade about union employees paying part of their health insurance. The bus drivers are employed by an independent company! How about sticking to the issue instead of spouting political nonsense. Residents of Rye ask you to show some support to keep public transportation that they depend on in place an this is the support you give? I’ll remember your lack of support in the next election.

  3. “Need Change” – You’re right!

    I found out because my mother’s homecare day helper from The Osborn got stiffed without warning this morning. Thank goodness my mom is at the very end of her surgery rehabilitation period but what about all the other senior citizen’s throughout all of Rye who had ZERO NOTICE that this was even potentially going to happen and count on that assistance, some of them every single day?

    I thought Astorino had reversed the proposed Route 76 Bus cuts??? Is no one clued in – or fighting for Rye? Have we been reduced to county cash cow that doesn’t have the votes to prevent ambush benefit cuts?

    “From each according to his ability to pay – to each according to his needs?”

  4. Steve,
    When was the last time you attended or watched a Council Meeting?

    What makes you think they care about the residents when their main concern is “plastic vs paper”?

    I hope you keep your promise and every resident in Rye votes with you in the next election!!!

  5. Right you are: no bus. Stood alone at the corner of Stuyvesant and Milton Road on the way to the train station, where the bus always picks me up.

    Pretty soon a taxi came along and I took it to the station.

    Anyone out on Milton Point without a train station parking space want to carpool, with Dan Askin’s Rye Green Limo? Leave at 7:10 am.

  6. Stevie Wonder,

    Thanks for the shout out. Sorry if I didn’t pander enough for your liking. Of course the route is important for those who use it. I’m more than happy to take unsolicited hits from folks like you on things I control. I wasn’t the one who cut this service.

  7. Steve,
    Can’t blame the council when its a county level move. The legislators are the ones to blame but you really can’t do that either because they restored the route in the budget. Astorino cut it all together so really he is the only one to blame. I personally think Astorino has done a good job but this move makes me shake my head.

  8. Councilman Sack-It’s good to see you respond although I think you missed the point a bit. I never stated that you or anyone else on the council was responsible for cutting the bus. I criticized you for your lack of support on the issue. I don’t consider a show of support to be pandering. You’ve had some time to look into the issue so maybe you will come to the next meeting more informed. Speaking of things you do have influence on, what about taking action on the lack of parking and the 7-8 year train list commuters are dealing with?

  9. Mr. Steve,

    Thanks for your input and interest. As I’m sure you can appreciate, with rising expenses and decreasing revenue, maintaining or expanding certain services, even good services, has become nearly impossible to sustain without making hard choices and raising taxes dramatically in an already highly taxed area. Feel free to call me anytime (914) 701-0806.


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