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ConEd Response “Unacceptable” – Rye Mayor French

Rye Mayor Doug French is calling ConEd's response to Hurricane Sandy "unacceptable":

"Con Ed crews are running about 2 per community and they are staying and looking to add more.  we have been effective in supplementing that with State DOT and City crews — but now we need restoration!

I am doing fine, however we share in the frustration with everyone that the Con Ed manpower response has been unacceptable for all communities and we continue to work with Federal, State and County officials to put pressure on Con Ed to accelerate the restoration process."

  1. Deirdre, I share your frustration (as do many of us) but as you stated in the end of your (R-rated) video, Con Ed has a shortage of poles and transformers. It is possible that instead of having crews stand by and wait for supplies, they are dispatched to take care of ‘quick fixes.’ Also, since the number of outages has decreased (maybe not in Rye), some crews are available to start doing the smaller jobs.

    I hope that not only you get your power back soon, but that todays storm doesn’t cause anymore grief.

  2. Deirdre,

    You know I luv ya, but you gotta calm down,lol!
    That was an awesome video, a wee bit animated, but awesome….right up to the point when the “F” BOMB landed, I was sitting here listening and waiting for it and then I heard it…..”KABOOM”!!!

    Hey, you might wanna go to City Hall, find out exactly who owns that house, do a little digging, you just might find out there is more to this story????


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