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Milton and Osborn Schools to Remain Closed Tuesday

From Rye City Schools, 7:30pm Monday:

Dear Milton and Osborn Parents:

We are working diligently to get Milton and Osborn Schools open.

Crews are currently on site at Milton, where power returned earlier today. However, there were some complications with the restoration of the wiring and Con Edison is back on the scene. I am hopeful that this matter will be resolved shortly. Milton will be closed on Tuesday, November 6.

The challenge at Osborn was greater than at other schools, where two downed utility poles on school property had to be replaced by a private contractor. At this time, the utility poles are up and the contractor will return tomorrow to complete additional work. Similarly, Con Edison was on site today and will return tomorrow. I anticipate that Osborn will open this week; however, Osborn will remain closed on Tuesday, November 6.

Our primary goal at this time is to ensure that our students return to school as quickly as possible to avoid more loss of instructional time. The administrative team, Board of Education trustees and staff members worked feverishly during the past several days to return our schools to a sense of normalcy. The Rye City Manager, the Police Department and Con Edison continue to work hand in hand with us, keeping us informed and facilitating the restoration of power to our schools.

Please continue to be patient and know that we have your children's best interest in mind. Thank you for your understanding during this most difficult time.


Frank Alvarez


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