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Letter: Rye Playland Boardwalk Will be Open…

A Playland advocate now says the boardwalk will be open in phases:

A Letter to MyRye.com

April 23, 2013

From:  Garrick M. Gelinas (Chairman, Playland Advisory Group)                                                                                                                                                                        

Dear Jay,

I was updated this morning by Westchester County Parks and we wanted to make sure you received immediately.

More information and some good news.

Construction on the Boardwalk and Pier has already started near the administration building and around the outside of the Ice Casino toward the beginning of the Pier.  This first section will be completed in time for opening day of Playland Amusement Park on May 11th. 

Work will then continue with the rest of the boardwalk starting with the area along Rye Beach.  The boardwalk adjacent to the beach is expected to open later in June.

Lastly, we welcome you and your families to Playland Amusement Park on May 11th for opening day, and throughout the season.  Enjoy a day for FUN.  The Dragon Coaster is waiting for you.


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