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4 New, 123 Active, 954 Total COVID-19 Positives in Rye; 1,864 Deaths in Westchester – Wednesday, January 27, 2021

Westchester - Rye NY COVID dashboard 01-27-2021

Remember that Rye guy and Westchester County boss George Latimer moved his COVID-19 briefings from daily to now twice a week on Mondays and Thursdays. So no briefing on the other weekdays, but we do expect to continue to post daily COVID-19 counts for Rye and Westchester County for the foreseeable future.

On Wednesday, the State did announce to elimination of most of the Yellow and Orange Zone restrictions across the State – including Port Chester’s Orange Zone and all the Yellow Zones in Westchester (including a bit of Yellow Zone that had creeped into Rye, just adjacent to Port Chester).

2021-01-27 Zone News NYS COVID

For Wednesday, January 27, 2021, Westchester reported the following City of Rye numbers via the County COVID dashboard.

954 total COVID-19 cases since inception;
123 active COVID-19 cases (this assumes the remaining 831 have run the average two week contagion cycle and are no longer active);
4 new COVID-19 cases

Just like everyone else, county executives look at the NY State COVID-19 tracker for county and state level statistics on the pandemic and at the NY State regional  monitoring dashboard to see our progress towards reopening.

The COVID-19 numbers:

Fatalities of Westchester residents: 1,864
Fatalities at Westchester nursing homes – The Osborn Home in Rye is reporting eight (8) confirmed COVID-19 nursing home deaths, six (6) presumed COVID-19 nursing home deaths and one (1) COVID-19 adult care facility death thru January 26th.
Fatalities in Westchester: 2,029
Numbers of persons tested: 1,729,010
Tested positive: 91,223
% Positive results: 5.3%
Persons tested today: 8,454
New positives today: 558


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