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Rye Playland Fireworks: July 3rd & July 4th 2023 Schedule

Rye Playland will have two special July 4th holiday weekend fireworks shows. Spectators can see the fireworks from include Playland Park, Playland Beach and boardwalk, as well as Rye Town Park and RTP’s Oakland Beach.

Be forewarned the traffic typically backs up on Playland Parkway all the way up to Exit 19 on I-95. If you live in Rye, try your best to avoid transiting Playland Parkway around fireworks time (use the Boston Post Road to travel across town).

There will be two fireworks shows over the July 4th weekend: Monday, July 3rd and Tuesday, July 4th. Both shows will be at 9:15pm.

Another great viewing option for the fireworks in on Rye Town Park’s Oakland Beach. In order to access the beach you must either (1) be on the beach before the 6:00pm closing time and stay on the beach (2) be a season passholder or (3) be a resident on the City of Rye, Port Chester, Rye Brook or Rye Neck. Rye Town Park keeps the beach accessible on fireworks nights for these groups only.

Barley Beach House in Rye Town Park will have a July 4th Beach Deck Party from 7:00pm – 10:00pm (Tuesday only). There will be food, live music and a good view on the fireworks. You need tickets.

Playland has a more limited fireworks show this summer so be sure to get your fix. The next and last fireworks show at Rye Playland will be on Sunday, September 3rd – Labor Day Weekend – at 9:15pm.

Rye Playland fireworks July 3, 2022
Rye Playland fireworks July 3, 2022


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