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Latimer, Jefferson and the Coffee Klatsch

George_latimer_and_judy_myers_2Assemblyman George Latimer and County Legislator Judy Myers met with Rye residents this past Saturday, June 21st over cups of coffee at On The Way Cafe down on Forest Avenue by Playland.

Calling their regular coffee klatsch with residents "Very much the last vestige of Jeffersonian democracy for reps on a higher level of govt" Latimer submitted the following report to MyRye.com.

Jefferson and his peer, Rye founding father John Jay, would be pleased.

"Here’s the recap from Saturday….6 Rye residents visited us (not counting a few diners at On the Way who waved hello)

  • George Ford of Clinton St. came to get an update for a bill sponsored by Latimer in the Assembly/Oppenheimer in the Senate that would research medical procedures for providing oxygen to comatose patients. Mr. Ford’s wife, Liz, died a number of years ago, experiencing a tragic end-of-life situation where she was in a vegetative state. Mr. Ford felt her care should have included heated oxygen (it did not) and has been on a nearly decade-long effort to right that situation. The bill died in the Assembly Health Committee this year; there is opposition from the committee chair.
  • Bob Schubert of Forest Ave. came to plead his case again for City action regarding the waterflow change on his property which he attributes to a neighbor’s development, and to the city’s enforcement. The issues falls outside of County and State jurisdiction, with Mr. Schubert describing his desire to have us influence the City Council to change their position on the matter.
  • Martin Gerson of Warriston Pl., came to review State policies toward Licensed Certified Social Workers, and indicated a constituent case which needed review.
  • Joe and Maryann Scavera of Rickbern St., came to highlight a drainage/curbing problem in their area…Latimer will tour the site with them Sat. 6/28.
  • Gail Pullman of Osborn Rd., retiring librarian at Osborn School stopped by to thank George for his follow up with Mrs. O’Leary’s 4th grade class who wrote him regarding plastic bag recycling (I wrote back, and provided the bill we passed to address the issue)."


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