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Rye Off The Record: OG’s Cabal, Not Madoff, Speaking French

If you were trying to contact any of the Rye City power base this past Saturday, they were in a bunker (AKA finished basement) in the OG's house on Hughes Avenue. They were preparing for war against the enemy, kind-a. The OG aired last year's Rye-Harrison football game (with live commentary from Coach Dino Garr) and before airing the 80 yard return after the half, the OG showed a Rye-Bellows football clip from 1941. Wow, that is hard core Garnet. We like it.

Twelve plus months ago Bernie Madoff rocked our world including some major tremors right here on Theall Avenue and all around Rye. Well, it seems just the name Madoff can be a liability, even if you are not related to the criminal ponzi mastermind. Just ask Harriet Madoff of Purchase Street who told The New York Times:

"“I eat out a lot, but I stopped using the name Madoff for reservations altogether,” said Ms. Madoff, a wealth management adviser from Rye, N.Y.

Since Mr. Madoff’s name became practically synonymous with evil, she has taken to using her husband’s last name, Parker, when doing business. One can imagine how their investment firm in Stamford, Conn., was affected by its name: the Parker-Madoff Group. It is now simply the Parker Group.

“When you’re in financial services, it’s a real horror show,” she said of the Madoff name.

In her personal life, she said, she has taken to using a hyphenated version. “My last name has become ‘Madoff-Not Related,’ ” she said."

We hear Rye Mayor Doug French will bypass MyRye.com and The Rye Record and pen a column for the Rye Sound Shore Review. Nice "get" for them. French will pen a column the week following each council meeting covering the issues of the prior meeting. Reporter Chris Falcone and Managing Editor Mark Lungariello had been working on French since the beginning of the year.


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