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Rye Native Behind New Reagan Documentary

Rye native and filmmaker Eugene Jarecki is behind the new documentary "Reagan" airing on HBO tonight, Monday, February 7th at 9pm. According to HBO, the film is about "A glamorous leading man with the common touch."

Jarecki's parents maintain a Rye address on Timber Trail and also reside part time in the British Virgin Islands, where he owns two islands.

In an interview in The New York Times Sunday, Eugene Jarecki spoke about growing up in Rye:

"What sort of childhood did the two of you have in Rye, N.Y.?
There’s a way to understand our background, which is pretty simple. We come out of Jewish-refugee, Holocaust stock, which means that our predecessors fled and we learned that systems of power are vulnerable to corruption and can treat the defenseless in a destructive fashion."

Watch a clip from Reagan.


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