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Happy Holidays from MyRye.com

Poppy's xmas

Happy holidays from all of us at MyRye.com!

MyRye.com turns seven years old on New Year's Day–happy birthday to us
and to you for making MyRye.com such a vibrant part of our community. We simply provide the platform – you give us our voice through emails, comments and feedback. Keep it coming – your are the lifeblood of MyRye.com.

Once again, the biggest thanks goes to my wife Lauren Rosen and our three
boys for giving me the time to write and to interact with all off you.

MyRye.com will be taking its annual break until the new year. What
would you like to see from MyRye.com in 2013? What are your Rye
resolutions for 2013?

Leave a comment below.

  1. Thanks Jay and Thanks Lauren – for all you do. Rye is going to be a much better place in 2013 and we appreciate your personal efforts every day.

    Here’s a local environmental Christmas card I just received tonight honoring a special man and the systemic corruption he fought here. Let’s offer up our wishes for his family tonight and throughout the days to come.

    A Rye Wetland Christmas – 2012


  2. Rye Wit,
    Seeing as the only concerns you seem to support are those that allow the pollution of the Sound and the failure to protect the health and safety of residents of Rye, coupled with the fact that you refuse to use your real name, I don’t think your sentiments of good will to men is sincere. Your use of the term “we all” implies all in Rye when it really implies those who support the above. I believe those numbers are very few.

    In the linked holiday video titled “Rye’s Miracle On Purchase Street” I don’t see any examples of anger and bitterness, in contrast I see humor and levity used to point out how the City of Rye during the terms of the last two Mayors have refused to protect the public. I can’t begin tell you how much fun and laughter we had making the Floatie videos especially the one that focused on Christmas.

    Sincerely wishing you all the best for a Merry Christmas and a Happy & Healthy 2013!

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