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Election Results: Parker Beats Murphy in Dem Primary

In yesterday's thinly votes primary, current Rye City Councilperson Catherine Parker defeated her opponent Thomas Murphy by 121 votes or 53% to 47% to represent the Democratic ticket during the fall County Legislator race.

Results below are also for local district leader races.

Office          CO LEGISLATOR DISTRICT 07          

PARTY    44 Districts out of   55 Reporting (80)%     Votes    Percent
DEM     THOMAS A MURPHY     851     47%
DEM     CATHERINE F PARKER     972     53%
Office Totals     1,823     100%

Local Districts:

Office          COUNTY COMMITTEE MEMBER – RYE 02           
PARTY    1 Districts out of   1 Reporting (100)%     Votes    Percent
REP     ANDREW N DAPOLITE     37     41%
REP     DIANE M TOLVE     30     33%
REP     MATTHEW B FAHEY     24     26%
Office Totals     91     100%

Office          COUNTY COMMITTEE MEMBER – RYE 03           
PARTY    1 Districts out of   1 Reporting (100)%     Votes    Percent
REP     ALAN A CAMINITI     7     20%
REP     DANIELA VITIELLO     12     34%
REP     PATRICK MACCARTHY     16     46%
Office Totals     35     100%

Office          COUNTY COMMITTEE MEMBER – RYE 09           
PARTY    1 Districts out of   1 Reporting (100)%     Votes    Percent
REP     JOHN L ALFANO     30     16%
REP     JOSEPH A SACK     83     43%
REP     PETER LANE     80     41%
Office Totals     193     100%

Office          COUNTY COMMITTEE MEMBER – RYE 13           
PARTY    1 Districts out of   1 Reporting (100)%     Votes    Percent
REP     ALEXANDER D MUENCH     20     20%
REP     ELAINE DICOSTANZO     30     29%
REP     JAMES D FLICK     27     26%
REP     WILLIAM C SOVIERO     25     25%
Office Totals     102     100%

See the Westchchester election tally page.

  1. Did Joe Sack come 2 votes away from losing his own district to a candidate who is at least twice his age and most likely on the verge of Alzheimers? I thought Joe Sack walked on water? He almost lost his own district to a judge that was put out to pasture 3 years ago. Joe doesn’t walk on water, he floats on water, just like his boyfriend Mr. Flotie.

  2. If I was Peter Lane I would ask for a recount. It wouldn’t surprise me one bit that the corrupt Republican Party was too embarrassed that Peter Lane beat Joe Sack in his own district in a Republican primary.

  3. The top two candidates for each district leader seat win – but I realize being uninformed doesn’t mean you can’t state your opinion.

    I’m just happy for Andrew Dapolite. His victory must be sweet. After being targeted by Peter Jovanovich for telling the truth about being asked to lie on his job, it is a shame he was targeted by Matt Fahey, who has, quite admirably, spoken out in the past against bullies.

    Someday I would like Matt to tell me what he really thinks of the way Andrew Dapolite was treated by the adults on the council.

  4. Charmian, Thanks for clarifying for Stinky Poo. I received some campaign flier from Joe Sack last week and Peter Lane’s name was on it. I also received a voicemail from Peter Lane encouraging me to vote for Joe Sack. I assume that since the tallies were so close that most people who voted for Joe also voted for Peter Lane. What’s remarkably is how few votes John Alfano received. I know he is a Doug French ally and Peter Jovanovich supporter.

  5. Mathematically speaking it really is CP 50.5% TM 49.5%…ironically the popular vote in Bush v. Gore was 49.7% v. 50.3%…damn those 4 electoral votes otherwise hundreds of thousands wouldn’t have burned in Iraq and Afghanistan

  6. PSL:

    What’s the first official action Parker took as the so far democratic nominee?

    Parker skipped last night’s Rye City Council meeting.

    It was the only scheduled city council meeting for 9 weeks and Parker skipped it.

    There were 30+ items on the agenda and Parker skipped the meeting.

    Did Parker skip the meeting because the Conflict of Interest Policy was going to be voted on last night?

    This kind of reckless and lack of interest shown by Parker is not what we need on the Rye City Council or at the county level.

  7. Not to sound dumb, which I am not, but can someone help explain the county committee? How does this work? What do these elected officials do? This is my first time seeing it. Congrats to those who won and I hope and I believe Rye is rebounding.

  8. Wry,

    Both candidates have been very quiet. Why? Because these results are only an “unofficial tally of election results prepared in accordance with Section 9-126 of the New York State Election Law”…all results are subject to error…some reports may include errors which cannot be resolved election night. Official election results will be compiled and made available by the Westchester County Board of Elections in accordance with Section 9-214 of the New York State Election Law no later than twenty-five (25) days after the election.

    So you really don’t know who won in races where the differential, as is here, is less than 1%, but I believe the former disgraced Rye City Mayor STEVE OTIS has his hooks in there somewhere — dumb, dumb, dumb.

  9. Need change:

    Asking simple questions is not “dumb”. It is smart. “Dumb” is broadcasting your opinion without being informed. Your question is an intelligent one.

    Simply, political parties include elected reps at the local, county wide and state level as well as nationally. These women and men are often included in the fine print on those very long petitions you might have encountered.They actually vote on who can run under the party’s mantle, with exceptions. In addition they vote on who will be chairman etc.

    I may write a simple explanation of these arcane details for MY RYE since they came up this year locally for both parties in that Catherine Parker needed permission to run as a Democrat because she is not a member of the party, and there were “district leader” races within the Rye City Republican Party, in an effort to overthrow the local chairman Tony Piscionere.

    Knowing these rules is the equivalent of following off season trades in baseball. They do affect the game you’re watching, but you can certainly enjoy the game without getting bogged down in the minutiae.

  10. Forgive me if I don’t address you by your chosen online name –
    You ask “what is the problem with Tony Piscionere?”
    The answer is, I don’t know if there is a “problem” with Tony Piscionere. This is a local GOP civil war. It looks like it failed for the most part. There are those who don’t see Tony as sufficiently supportive of the “Change for Rye” ideals, I guess.

    I think the sooner Rye puts that sorry mistake behind us the better. Too bad Catherine Parker has outed herself as a fellow traveler. Paula Gamache went down that rabbit hole and got turned out of office.

    You spend too much time with people on a council and Stockholm Syndrome can set in if you don’t have a strong sense of who you are and what’s important to you. Catherine signing Doug French’s petition for Peter Jovanovich means she’s taking a stand in that civil war — on the side of rudeness, condescension and general ineffectiveness. I guess Peter’s handful of followers are more important to her than loyalty to her friends who Peter has treated with such disdain.

    I want them all out of office. I just wish we could get Andy Ball and Mack Cunningham back, but that’s just me.


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