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VIDEO: Rye Middle School Teacher Becomes a 6th Grader for the Day

Thanks to Andrew Dapolite for this one:

At an orientation held on February 5th for elementary school parents of incoming 6th graders, Rye Middle School Principal Ann Edwards premiered an informational video with a comedic spin, chronicling a day in the life of a “6th grader”.

In the video titled “Sal’s First Day”, Sal Curella, a Rye Middle School Engineering teacher, played the part of the young student as Rye High School history teacher Judd Rothstein (a familiar face in Rye High School video shorts) took on the role of the dad dropping off his son on the first day of school.

By utilizing this video format, parents in the audience had the opportunity to see many of the friendly faces that their children will be interacting with over the course of the next three years, as Sal’s character takes on the challenges of being in a whole new school.

“What happens if I am late to class? Who do I sit with in the cafeteria? How do I open my locker? What are some of the extra-curricular activities and sports I can get involved in?”

These are just some of Sal’s many questions that are answered in this video intended for future Rye Middle School parents and students. Watch as administrators, teachers, guidance counselors and support staff put Sal’s nerves at ease as they help him through his day.

“Sal’s First Day” was produced by Sal Curella and Rye High School History teacher Judd Rothstein. Andrew Dapolite provided the videography and editing.


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