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Buy Overpriced Berries + Support the Rye YMCA

Change your shopping day next week to Wednesday (March 25, 2015).

On Wednesday, March 25, Whole Foods (AKA "Whole Paycheck") in Port Chester will donate 5% of its net sales to the RYE YMCA.



In an email, the Rye Y said "Whether you're buying healthy food for a family meal or shopping for the upcoming holidays, your purchase will support Y programs and services throughout the communities we serve…Proceeds will go to the Rye Y annual campaign and will help us keep a powerful promise to our community: no one will be turned away from a Y program or activity because he or she can't pay."

Now you could also shop somewhere else and donate the difference between what you paid and what you would have paid at Whole Paycheck… or you could just write a $25 check to the YMCA and drop it off with a note saying "Happy Wednesday".

Just providing some other options…


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