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Mr. Met and the Rye School Board Election of 2016


(PHOTO: Mr. Met, write-in Rye Scool Board candidate… Credit: Richiek (Own work) [CC BY-SA 3.0 or GFDL], via Wikimedia Commons)

It is always interesting to see who receives the write-in votes in any of Rye's local elections. It is usually a combination of past office holders and local movers, shakers and agitators.

This year, it is Mr. Met… Yes, that's right. Of the forty write-in votes for the recent Rye School Board election, Mr. Met received one vote.

In the list of dubious lifetime achievements, the following Rye citizens can now list on their professional accomplishments that they beat Mr. Met as a write-in candidate in the 2016 Rye City School Board elections: Jennifer Boyle (2 Write In Votes); Jim Culyer (2 Write In Votes); Steve Feeney (2 Write in Votes); Edward Fox (2 Write in Votes); Mark Surhoff (2 Write In Votes) and by a clear landslide Robert Zahm (3 Write In Votes).

In truth, Mr. Met never had a chance… Rye City and Westchester County is Yankee country….

Curious who scored each of the forty votes? See the tally below: 

38 WRITE IN CANDIDATES FROM MACHINES 210A, 211A, 212A, “B” machine and Absentee Ballots

1. Ball, Andy
2. Boyle, Jennifer,
3. Boyle, Jennifer
4. Conway, Dan
5. Culyer, J
6. Culyer, J
7. Cypher, Robert
8. Doran, Mark
9. Druckmann, Theodore
10. Fat Al
11. Feeney, Steve
12. Feeney, Steve
13. Fox, Ed
14. Fox, Ed
15. Hurd, Emily
16. Kelly, Megan
17. MacVicar, Scott
18. Mehler, Jason
19. Mr. Met
20. Mrs. Met
21. Nee, Amber
22. Nee, Owen
23. None
24. None
25. Oktay, Kutluk
26. Peters, Margaret P
27. Rukeyser, Peter
28. Sam My Cat
29. Sculti, Leon
30. Surhoff, Mark
31. Surhoff, Mark
32. Taggart-Epstein, Danielle
33. Tice, Donald
34. Trump, Donald
35. Tuch, Steven
36. Tuttle, Abby
37. Tuttle, Doug
38. Zahm B
39. Zahm, B
40. Zahm, B,

Jennifer Boyle – 2 Write In Votes
Jim Culyer – 2 Write In Votes
Steve Feeney – 2 Write in Votes
Edward Fox – 2 Write in Votes
Mark Surhoff – 2 Write In Votes
Robert Zahm – 3 Write In Votes

Total Write In Votes = 40 (Although two were listed as None)
Machine 210A – 21 Write In Votes
Machine 211A -10 Write In Votes
Machine 212A – 7 Write In Votes
B Machine 1- 1 Write In Vote
Absentee ballot – 1 Write In Vote


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