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Rye Town Park Forum Saturday

Protesting dog

The Rye Town Park Commission, Friends of Rye Town Park and the Rye Town Park Advisory Committee are holding a "Rye Town Park Community Conversation". No word if the dogs of Rye plan a protest (off leash).

What are the Rye Town park issues you are concerned about? Leave a comment below.


All are welcome to attend a forum on Rye Town Park

Where we are and where we are headed

When: Saturday, January 7, 2012 at 10:30 a.m.


The Damiano Center (Rye Rec)
281 Midland Avenue
Rye, New York

  1. Yeah keep the dogs ON a leash. Its a state law! and people, especially kids who walk through the park shouldn’t have to fear being attacked. Dogs are an animal and I don’t care how friendly they may seem they can snap at any moment especially at strangers in their “territory”

  2. The Rye Town Park has a great asset in unleashed dog during designated hours. I thought the graphic Jay chose was terrific – except it should actually have a goose with a line through it on the sign.

    Without unleashed dogs the NY State Canadian Goose Leash Laws would have to be enforced and – Oy Vey– what slimy sickening mess I bet we would have quickly have all over the RTP! (All that delicious grass to graze on – acres and acres of it – all for the risk free munching.)

    Just ask any waterfront homeowner or private club manager in Rye – the filth deposited when thoughtless people let their Canadian Geese pets illegally off leash has become, well, staggering. RTP would be unavailable to the general public due to NY State Sanitary Laws in about I’d say one park season.

    And while we’re at it – Ye aptly named “Need Change” – you’re forgetting that there are no laws left today in Rye, only ‘guidelines.’

    This is so self interested professional “advisors” can pad their billings for giving municipal code suppression ‘suggestions’ to the current leaders of our political class in non public meetings.

    In return for their obedience, these class members then expect to receive favors from government officials when they need them.

    Don’t believe me? Just ask publically for an investigation of Schubert’s Pond.

    Did you do it? Great! And what happened?

    Right – silence as usual.

    So maybe just watch this new investigative documentary that’s getting lots of viewings around town and then ask – is this what Rye MUST be?


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