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Police Blotter: Leafing a Ticket; Hydrant Needs Rescue; Criminal with Green Thumb; Barking at the Neighbor; Stamping Out the Problem & More

The police blotter is a highlight of recent activity from the City of Rye Police Department.

If you appreciate the hard work of our local police men and women, please consider supporting our RyeFIRST campaign to honor our first responders and help address food insecurity in Westchester County.

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Job Security. November 19. Cowles Avenue. Assist Citizen. Caller stated there is a landscaping company, JMB Landscaping, whom on multiple occasions blows the leaves from one property to another. civil issue. party was advised of her options. all in order 98.

Leafing a Ticket. November 19. Boston Post Road / Johnson Place. City Code Violation – Leaf Blowers. summons issued 98.

Slowing Down for Season. November 19. Milton Harbor, Long Island Sound. Approximately 1400 – 1530 hrs, removed speed limit buoys from area of Shenorock and Fairchild Rock. Buoys brought back to marina for cleaning and winter storage.

Lock Your Cars! November 19. Dearborn Avenue. Assist Citizen. Caller reports 3 males that “Broke into” his wife’s car. Last seen in a black car heading to Milton rd toward Playland Parkway.

Help Bambi, Stat. November 19. Graham Court. Caller reports a deer struck by a car and appears to be injured but alive.

Leafing a Door Open. November 20. Brevoort Lane. Assist Citizen. Caller reports that a door to her home appears to be damaged and their are leaves in her home.

Hydrant Needs Rescue. November 20. Palisade Road. Utility-All Other. Fire hydrant was found on its side in front of 61 Palisade. PO Anjo reports that it appears to have corroded from its base. FD to be notified along with Suez.

Twenty Spreaders. November 20. CVS / Boston Post Road. Assist Citizen. Caller reports a group of youths (20 kids) sitting an the wall at CVS. None wearing masks or social distant. Youths advised on COVID precautions. 98.

Turn Down for What. November 20. Osborn Road. Noise Complaint. Caller reports loud party behind his house. Backed 12. Music was shut off.

Criminal with Green Thumb. November 21. Purchase Street / Purdy Avenue. Suspicious Person. Party observed on camera taking planters from Purchase Plaza. Coash, Thomas with Chamber of Commerce, cleaning up dead plants/planters.

Turn Down for What. November 21. Martin Road. Noise Complaint. caller reports large party more than 10 guests with loud music. Cars 12 and 18 sent.

Send Mulching Mower. November 22. Palisade Road. City Code Violation – Leaf Blowers. report of blowers on property from landscapers on sunday. .Landscaper advised of local ordinance. Employees have complied.

Ordering Help. November 22. Purchase Street. Assist Citizen. manager of aurora restaurant reports a male who may be intoxicated i/f/o said address. car 10 sent to investigate.

Master Bedroom, Master Lock. November 23. Read Court. Assist Citizen. Caller reports that she just came home to gather a few things. She hears people inside her home and she has locked herself in master bedroom. No signs of forced entry. All appears in order. 98.

Red Zone. November 23. Milton Road / Oakland Beach Avenue. Utility-All Other. caller states that the traffic light at the intersection is not cycling properly, staying on green and red for too long. po belloise dispatched. DPW ARRIVED AN SET THE LIGHT TO FLASHING RED.

Barking at the Neighbor. November 23. Glendale Road. Dog Complaint. resident states that another local resident has been walking his dog without a leash near his property and when confronted, said party was abusive and yelled at him. resident is frightened and wishes to file a report. po gomez dispatched. GOA.

Cash Out. Lock Your Cars! November 24. Wainwright Street. Larceny from Motor Vehicle. caller states someone entered her mother vehicles last night and stole her wallet out of the car. caller states vehicle was unlocked at location.

LOUD PARTY. LOUD. need quiet. November 24. Horton Street / Roosevelt Avenue. caller reports a loud party. car 16 sent.

Stamping Out the Problem. November 25. Rye PD HQ / McCullough Place. Complainant states she is having issues with a co worker at the post office and would like to document the disputes. statement taken.


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